Finance, not technology

March 6, 2018

To compete with lithium-ion, flow battery costs need to come down; insurance could help bridge that gap.

Lithium-ion batteries rule the market for energy storage. Flow battery makers want a share of that market, but they have a tough time competing on costs.


I Don’t Like Losses, Sport

December 11, 2017

The invention of bioeconomy risk insurance and Fulcrum BioEnergy’s leap to scale

We have news you can use today on the subject of the most powerful, inevitable, fearsome, mysterious, taboo, and untouchable four-letter word in the advanced bioeconomy lexicon.



More Money Flows to Flow Batteries

December 12, 2017

ESS Nabs $13 Million Funding Round: The company wants to expand its annual iron flow battery production to 900 megawatt-hours.

Iron flow battery maker ESS raised $13 million in a Series B round, expanding the pool of cash available to upstart alternativestoragecompanies.


Turning Garbage to Jet Fuel

December 12, 2017

Insurance solution provides performance coverage for the output of Fulcrum's garbage-to-fuels plant

New Energy Risk Designs Innovative Performance Insurance Program for Fulcrum BioEnergy, as Company Raises $150M for Landmark Waste-to-Fuel Project

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Let’s Get Bankable

August 8, 2017

Vionx Secures Insurance Product for Its Flow Batteries

The product adds a bigger balance sheet to the performance guarantee, potentially de-risking investments in vanadium redox flow batteries.


$500M in Renewable Energy Projects

June 15, 2017

Insurtech company hires Chief Science Officer to deepen scientific expertise of emerging energy-related technologies

MENLO PARK CALIF - "Today, New Energy Risk, a global pioneer in creating insurance policies for renewable, high-efficiency energy developers and new technology producers, announced that its customers have secured a total of $500M in financing to support such energy projects.