New Energy Risk provides innovative data analytics, strategic consulting, and financial risk transfer solutions to the renewable energy industry, worldwide.  With our unique team, representing expertise in renewable energy technology and finance, risk management, and insurance, we have developed specialized product and project warranty and performance risk solutions.  Our services leverage the use of our proprietary engineering, actuarial, and financial modeling capabilities.

Working as advisers to brokers, underwriters, and buyers (clients), we apply our modeling expertise to address the complex risk and financing issues facing manufacturers, developers, and lenders of renewable energy products and projects.  It is our experience that insurance solutions can play a significant role in reducing the total cost of financing, and in certain cases even make financing possible.

We work alongside brokers and other advisers to help define optimal risk transfer solutions for our mutual clients.
Rarely are these solutions provided by standard products.
Underwriters are able to provide substantially more efficient and cost effective solutions by leveraging our analyses.
Clients are empowered with a deeper understanding of risk, the opportunity to address it through an insurance solution, and a resulting reduction in the overall cost of finance.

At New Energy Risk, we believe that data driven risk management and insurance will ultimately lead to lower costs of financing for renewable and clean energy projects.  Our goal is to help enable the large scale development of clean energy through the application of our expertise.